Who Is Mad

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

He is an ant,nonentity and an entertainer,
He walks half naked in torn clothes,
dance openly in the market square
to music that is not there,
The crowd applaud with amusement.

He has no home
dump hill or underground tunnel serves as his niche,
has many relatives who come to
watch him display,
He soliloquizes,so they think;
seeing things that are not there;
Is he mad?

He eats 'fresh' food from dust bins and incinerators,
He looks healthy, never sick;
Freedom to move without hindrance,
He communes with astral beings,
he has no fear,no sorrow nor pain;
His teeth is darker than amber and 
the smell from his mouth is 'pleasant and killing'.

Then comes another being-
a lion,a he-goat and a lover of money,
He prides himself in luxury;state house is his abode,
Many surround him to watch his display,
sixteen luxurious cars,with five duplexes
 and a private jet,with many concubines,
Is he mad?

He eats 'fresh' meat from silver or gold plates,
he looks fresh and healthy,but sick in the mind,
cannot move freely for fear
of being molested or killed,
Is he sane?

Wasteful spending is part of his trait,
Corruption and embezzlement are his garments,
Spends money overseas;establishing industries and hospitals
in foreign lands,
while at home,many are jobless,hungry and dying;
dying from lack of medical care and facilities,
dying from poverty and malnutrition,
yet,he throws golden coins around,
Is he wise?.

Whether an ant or a lion,
The spectators will disappear,
the ovation will stop,
the blood will cease flowing
and the air will stop circulating,
the clean or dirty body will decay,
Just one day,one minute and a second;
the luxury tarnishes and 
golden fleets varnish into thin air;
The two will enter the belly of the earth,
"dust you are, and dust you shall return".
Then,if that is the case,
Why accumulate wealth at the detriment of many?
Nitwits!and fools!;people with myopic visions,
They have little understanding;yet,they are educated,
Between the ant and the lion,
who is really mad?..

*I have visceral dislike for corrupt politicians who oppress the helpless and indigents in the society;I can`t tolerate them..*