Just Bearly

Written by: ilene bauer

My friends were here;
We saw no deer.
(They’re hiding from the cull.)
It would appear
The atmosphere
In Hemlock* seems quite dull.

The time was nigh;
My friends waved bye
And headed to the city.
I will not lie;
I’d hoped we’d spy
A bear, but here’s the pity:

By morning’s light
I had a fright
Which made me stop and gawk.
A mama bear
With cubs, a pair,
Passed by me on my walk.

Who would believe
When friends take leave
The action just gets started?
I can’t conceive
That just last eve
They bearlessly departed.

It goes to show
You never know
What Nature may have waiting;
And even though
My friends did go,
Those bears kept navigating.

Perhaps next year
They’ll reappear
When those same friends come calling;
Then we’ll all spear
A souvenir
Of Nature most enthralling!

*Hemlock Farms, a community of homes in Pa.