Playful Troll Society

Written by: Carol Eastman

My Hubby enjoys the Troll Society, in the basement, way too much.
Now I find he enjoys chasing me around everywhere with a club. 
And that’s not my greatest romantic play-acting dream, you see.
If he ever catches me, there’ll be trouble in this house. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The other day as he sprinted forth, he dropped his mighty club.
Now he’s got a broken toe, that’s slowed him down, Thank God.
He doesn’t seem to understand that Trolls don’t equate love.

They are just not great at attracting many girls, I definately say.
Instead, they tend to chase them around, until they’ve all run away.
Wrestling with them in the basement is OK to play, but…

I want my OLD romance back NOW, as quickly as can be…
For, you see, the other playfulness was really great with me.
For this is really not the playful spark that I expected to see.