I Shall Sent You No More Flowers

Written by: Donald Eissler

I shall send you no more flowers
No more poems from my heart
I sent the last one yesterday
Time to make a brand new start

There were two roses in a bottle
I said 'I wish to share with you”
Sent with the highest expectations
Hoping our passion to renew

Seems they meant nothing
For the response I got from you
“Hmmm yes now I remember
One was red and one was blue "
Could understand the red one
For it has a pinkish kind of hue
The other one was yellow
It damn sure wasn't blue
The bottle that I sent them in
From wine that we once shared
When we finished up that bottle
Made love like you really cared
Saved it for a special time
That bottle meant that much to me
Always kept it on my mantle
Brought back pleasant memories
Now I'm glad it's off my mantle
I shall look at it no more
Wish I had known long ago
Loving me was such a chore
So you can take that bottle
Smash it on the ground
Break it in a thousand pieces
I shall no longer be around
Let the petals on the rose's fall
Watch them wither up and die
Really don't give a damn no more
For this is my last goodbye.