Once Upon A Time

Written by: Carol Eastman

Once Upon a time there was a fluffy duck.
But he wasn’t much of a duck for he had, so little luck.
He’d lost his dear old mother before he left the egg.
So when a cow came along he followed her home, along the way.
He dined upon the grain the cow did spill for him, each and every day.
And the cow lay down to cuddle with him nightly, against he chill.
He had everything he ever needed as so my story goes, still…
It seemed Fluffy didn’t know what to do at the milking time.
So he flew on top of his Ma, till everything was thru, and fine.
The farmer was chagrinned at Fluffy’s popularity at the county fair.
He was the celebrity that brought the crowds to where the cows were held.
Little Fluffy became better known than his award-winning Ma.
But, the farmer felt, things weren’t quite right, as he’d ever known.
So, as the farmer was leaving, he left Fluffy among the other ducks.
He thought he was doing it, to help him get along with his life and stuff.
But Fluffy came quickly back to his Ma and wouldn’t leave her side.
For loyalty was his middle name and his Ma was his life and pride.
Finally, the farmer let the cow and duck, happily, come back home to stay. 
And they lived happily ever after, for the rest of their lives, along the way.
But you can bet they didn’t miss a single county fair for years to come. 
And each year they were presented a metal for showing…
So much loyalty, love, and charm…

A Childrens story poem.