My Curse

Written by: Bettie Avery

There is anger that I hold
For those who hurt me and my own
Someday you all will see
A mothers wrath set free
Everyone who has caused us pain
In your soul will hold a red stain
For those who have caused us tears
They will come back to you along with the fears
To the ones who played mind games
May you always live with the shame
And the ones who tried to make us break
Loneliness you will feel with every breath you take
My curse I put on all of you
For what you put my children through
For what you did to me
I shall never set your souls free
My curse is down in words now
My curse will find every single one of you somehow
It will come on you times three
Now I say as I will so mote it should be
written by Bettie L.Avery 2008