Old Design

Written by: Anne Lise Andresen

                                At the flea market I found you
                                 Old and dusty.....but so nice
                              You`ve been so helpful and wise
                     Whirred around and around with your wheels
                               Many meters and perhaps miles
                                  Much joy and money saved
                           Maybe even earned a penny or two
                          Tired eyes and hands treated you good
                              Far into the night, you`ve worked
                             The wheel spun around and around
                                  Never fail, always available
                                       ready for new tasks
                            Yes, I found you at the flea market
                                 With a little soap and water              
                                   you are as good as new
                          Grandma`s sewing machine is so fine
                       Now you are decoration in my living room

22. August 2012
A-L Andresen :)