Written by: Joey Success

Soul mate!!! Do not go that way
Seemeth it good but I know the result
Cries made with blood and lots of regret
Emotions tumbling out of a pained heart
Do not let the road entice you
The many good things on it are but mirage
Vanishing away into an eternal smoke when touched
There Soul Mate! Your pain will start

I am weak at heart but brave in lookings
My smile soft enough to melt an iced heart
My voice gentle enough to lull Hades to sleep
I walk the earth with the pride of the heavens
I swim the oceans like the great whale
I am complete yet something bothers me
Matters that can be waved aside with a magic wand
I am weak at heart!!!

Beware soul mate!!! Do not go that way
For my heart will stop beating at your departing shadow
My fingers shall become stiff in self death
My eyes shall be as cold as the dead night
And my smile shall vanish for eternity
My voice shall no longer hold forbearing
My strokes in the sea guided by the waves
Alas!!! I shall die while alive
And my corpse shall mark the street of love

There lies Joey Success…..!!!
Cold in a living dead form
Emptied of all emotions and feelings
Stronger in heart than the araldite
Stiffer than the giant iroko tree
Lying in state before he ceased breathing

There lies the mediator of love
Devoid of love itself
Left to suffer from that ancient curse
The curse of the HEART BROKEN