Written by: onoharigho precious

All these years i have wasted-
sitting on a lowly chair-
thinking how my life where before now-
recalling the pains of yesterday-
the glorious fall of triumph-
and that feeling that one is free and void of 

trapped in-between two walls-
one tries to fight back the sweet sensation 
of tears as the walls crumble and fall-
one tries to fight back the pain as those you 
once loved depart into what we think is 

this feeling of uncertainty and the future i 
planned yesterday, isn't it what i am living 
can you still reason right- 
when your thoughts are al messed up-
love long gone-
hope in hopelessness-
confused and thinking more-
insanity draws nearer-
i can feel its presence-
violet thoughts-
this feeling of confusion-
can't write more***