Written by: Dalila Agtani

Generally, no kiss does attract opposite But, necessary of course For a definite purpose Like in intercourse Kiss is important incidence. Kissing stimulates With the same gender it complicates But, more importantly with opposites. Nevertheless, for opposites the more Kissing is very afflictive! Don’t joke…. Kissing is an ingredient between mates. Kissing the lips is passionate love Kissing the head is respect, irrespective Kissing hand is submissive Kissing the sensitive is to seduce Could turn into malice unless you love Kissing at times is to bid goodbye. Kissing game Sometimes for a price You need to have practice The spirit is drowningly, torridly enjoyable Fullness in the act is a consummate For opposites it could be explosive. For honeymooners they need a license Yet for live- ins never mind But to be alive… Kissing superhuman is superbly exhaustive! In the biblical tragedy Judas betrayed Jesus when kissed.
Dalila Agtani 8/21/12 Entered in PD's Kissing Game Contest