Who Am I

Written by: Constance Gilmore

“You stupid, worthless piece of s***!
I can’t stand you, you dumb ass b****!”
Knocking me down with every syllable
As you drag me from the dining room table
Grabbed by my hair, my scalp is on fire
Thinking of when I smiled, now I’m a crier
You punch my face as if you hate me
Using your words to constantly berate me
I fight back but it’s of no use
I’m too weak against your abuse
Choking me, I feel light-headed
On my neck, his handprints are embedded
His eyes bloodshot, consumed with evil
His words, once loving, are now quite lethal
Brutally pounding at my self-esteem
Happiness seems to have only been a dream
What has happened? What did I do?
Why am I treated like s*** on your shoe?
I have gone above and beyond for you
My love for you has been loyal and true
Everything I do seems to provoke you
So on edge that I can’t even joke with you
Once strong and confident, I am now very meek
Unsure and afraid on when I should speak
I don’t even know the person I am anymore
She has withered away down to the core
I need to find her again for she has value
And leave your ass alone because it’s long overdue.