It Stops Today

Written by: Constance Gilmore

Feel the heat of my rage as I kick you in your chest
The more I do it, the more empowered I feel
Tired of you coming to my room only to molest
The innocence of my youthful body you try to steal

You punch me out of anger, oh you’re so mad
I don’t know why in the hell you feel so entitled
Every night for years you made my happiness sad
Now I want you to experience my rage unbridled

You sick and filthy bastard, I am just a child!
I hope you burn in Hell for all of eternity
Perverted prick got my emotions running wild

Fingers causing confusion, lips doing adult things
My body and mind are constantly at war
You don’t care what feelings your actions bring
As long as I continue being your underage whore

Well you wolf in sheep’s clothing, it stops today
You want me? Then come on and feel my wrath
I’m taking back control; you’ll no longer have a say
I am on a mission and treading a dangerous path

At 12, I never thought I’d have to defend myself
From the nightmare I had to call my daddy
Standing up for my life, I must commend myself
I overcame the sadness and took back my happy.