You Are the Perfect Courtier

Written by: Nishayel Williams

She's Turbulent like the wind, 
Contaminated the land of hearts of men, 
At night in the light like a shadow, 
Words of such a fine recipe --
One willingly swallows, 
You are the Perfect Courtier

Eyes bright of fire as the sun, 
Sheds light to what's seen in the distance, 
Yet burning those that lie close at heart, 
Linen floods down your body, 
Large heels, half shut eyes, 
You are the Perfect Courtier

Now I find myself empty hearted, 
Full -- with nothing valuable
Insides like garbage, 
Cloudlike's your grey reputation, 
In your frames train of thought, 
Black and White in separate frames, 
How neglect thy eyes --
to which I connect, 
You are the Perfect Courtier

In my island of time
the dreadful reality bears like --
scarce fruits; unknown kinds
From the tree of knowledge, 
I realize
You are the Perfect Courtier

Many have been afflicted, 
by painful---pleasurable stings
of your whip...I can't resist! 
However I, I, I must cut the string!
Farewell and Yes --
You are the Perfect Courtier