Written by: onoharigho precious

no longer at ease with myself-
 broken thrice yet i thrived-
 thinking thoughts no one dared think- 
shattered and in ruins- 
lusty desires from unending dreams- 
wishing those dreams turned to reality- 
forever wanting the love i seek so bad- 
forever at the mercy of your feigned 
will i even remember you name- 
a life of pain and hate- 
your voice is all i can hear- 
forever lost in this blue- destroyed, weak. 
And empty- 
but i can still feel your presence- 
i can still hear your voice- 
i can still hear you call- 
was this love something i created?- 
something i imagined?-
wishing my dreams of you could turn to 
 hand in hand walking the still shore- 
listening to nature as it calls-
 but it was all a dream- 
nothing remains- 
just wishing wishes i will forever wish- 
forever broken- 
forever lost in this blue---