Joker's Heart

Written by: Daniel Larson

Near the hearth everlasting,
     underneath a photograph,
Stands the joker of this time
     chuckling once on your behalf.
Embers glow inside the dark
     without passing any heat
To the corner of this room,
     where the heart's hung on a seat.

Roses linger on the hill
     through the last of autumn's day,
While the breezes from beyond
     carry their perfume away.
Colors once held in the eye
     slip slowly from memory,
Melding with the joker's song
     that drifts o'er a yellow sea.

News breaks on the morning light
     far from the dreams tossed away,
Springtime rolls from winter's chill,
     though she is never to stay.
Those who watch the weather change
     fall behind another mile,
Caught once more like shadows hid
     somewhere in the joker's smile.

Paintings hang in silence now
     as though times come to stand still,
Voices fade into the haze
     that covered the distant hill.
Joy's now locked tight in the vault
     of a life kept far apart,
The keys hidden deeper still,
     safe inside the joker's heart.