Written by: Latoyia Godfrey

There is no way you could possibly know,
How wonderful of a person you are.
You have made many hearts glow,
Yes, YOU, are a shining star!
For me you've done everything you possibly can,
And you don't know how much that means.
Whenever I would fall, you lended your hand,
And shined upon me with all of your beams.
You are my star in the sky who brightens each day,
And comforts me throughout each night.
Anytime that I needed you, you went out of your way,
To make sure everything was just right.
However, I let you down, with my mischievious act,
When I should have been helping you out.
It may seem I took you for granted because the maturity I lacked,
But I Love You, without any doubt!
I am thankful that in return you have always loved me,
Reguardless of what I have done.
That is exactly the way a Grandmother should be,
And I have to say you're the BEST one!