Written by: Latoyia Godfrey

When the skies have fell;
And the moon is not bright,
When the stars no longer
Come out at night...
   ...FOREVER We Will Be!
When the sun is cold;
And no longer hot,
When all the living things
That surround us rot...
   ...FOREVER We Will Be!
When the grass is blue;
And no longer green,
When all the butterflies
Can not be seen...
   ...FOREVER We Will Be!
When the rain don't fall;
And the birds don't fly,
When all the other couples
Say good-bye...
   ...FOREVER We Will Be!
When the universe 
Is left to you and me;
And all the things we knew
Aren't what they used to be,
GOD will shine IT's light
For all to see...
   ...And FOREVER We Will Be!