Written by: Latoyia Godfrey

GOD has his own reasons,
For taking the one's we love.
To help with the deeds HE beholds,
And to watch over us from above.
HE takes them up to heaven,
To avoid their suffering and pain.
Yet, they continue to guide us through our lives,
And brighten a day full of rain.
We feel as if they've abandoned us,
Just left our hearts to grieve.
When really they've gone to help our Lord,
Since NOW was their time to leave.
Now, was the time when HE needed them most,
Though we felt as if we needed them, too.
Our selfish hearts don't want to let go,
Although we've had them our whole lives through.
Now it's GOD's turn to take them in,
To enjoy the time that they'll share.
Don't think, if the shall willingly go,
That it means they do not care.
So GOD suggests that we let them go,
But to let them remain in your hearts.
Know, just because they've passed away
Does not mean we'll be apart!