Magic Carpet ride - With Poet unknown

Written by: Joy Wellington

We fell onto the carpet
Deep into each other
Not realizing we started to sail
High above cloud fear and uncertainties
We gave in to our basic feelings
Naturally coming to the surface
The carpet sailed above the fireplace
But its heat seem to go sailing with us
The warmth spreads over my being 
Like a burst of sun through rain clouds
Driving me to heights of ecstasy sublime
On this magic carpet I feel the magic of your love
Our passions mingled intertwined fused
As the words from our fellow poets on PoetrySoup
Our magic carpet comes in for landing
Reluctantly we step off into the world of reality
Leaving me with the insatiable need 
To go magic carpet sailing again

Written By:  Joy Wellington
Aug 20 2012
For ~Skat~'s  Contest:  Magic Carpet Ride