Written by: Moeka Molise

It was a modern day Cindarella story
A Prince found on Facebook so she tried to rip the page out and bring him to reality
A social network love story is modern insanity
LIES are TRUTH in reality of a siber world of an untold virginity

So to love her a brotherwood had to be broken
Two siblings brought together,
Closer by barriers of feelings and SECRETS left unspoken
It's  never anyone's place to tell the TRUTH,
For who wants to hold pieces of a heart once broken
She's a virgin of TRUTH and a slut of untold

She slept unprotected with SECRETS
In return they impregnated her with PAIN
A child that he had to nuture for the TRUTH freed her but trapped him
See the past played God...
For she was a virgin but the past gestated her and left him with twins..PAIN and DOUBT

Stay or leave he was unhappy
But better him alone than both so he stayed
For he always knew he would find some happiness when she's happy
See she gave him a stolen virginity he held close to his heart
But the TRUTH took away his treasure of her treasure...
But now where is the PLEASURE?
I it's now left in love and trust both shattered to pieces
So he can only find it if he puts them back together
After all he loved her..not the VIRGIN