Okay - I'll Settle for Cremation

Written by: Tim Ryerson

They knew a secret that we've not yet found
Indians placed their dead in burial mounds
or laid them to rest in beds above ground
where the Great Spirit walks and nature abounds

Blame arrogant Pharaohs who made the request
to preserve their bodies, 'twas cocky at best
Be-gone foul mummies! 'Tis the end of thy quest!
Take a float down the Nile! Make room for the rest!

Reserved parking spots are clearly unwise
We'll run out of room before the world dies
Imagine God peering down with a gasp of surprise
viewing one giant graveyard beneath His blue skies

Forget the autopsy, don't waste your red tape
By-pass parlor-homes that paupers escape
No need for insurance or credit card rape
no bankrupting service, no coffin to drape

Re-cycle me please, no soul wants to see
a porcelain shell of what I used to be
Let me melt in good soil and help sprout a new tree
Let me rest in cool earth and rot naturally