Written by: onoharigho precious

Maybe this is life.
Maybe this was what i 
Maybe this was what i 
was meant for.
Repeated quotes you 
already know.
Repeated mistakes one 
can't live without.
Repeated songs mixed 
with muffled pleas.
Whisper of violet words.
Desolate and empty.
Rejected, left and 
Always at the mercy of 
your words.
Voices pierce and 
Why am i all confused 
and messed up?
Will your words forever 
A life of pain and 
repeated torments.
Will i forever beg for 
Will i forever hide from 
those ungodly words
of yours?
Maybe i should think.
Can i even still reason 
Insanity calls.
Your words strike.
Wouldn't you forgive still?
Must my life be forever at 
the mercy of your
harsh words.
And yet i stayed.
Still waiting;
shove me down one 
more time.
Hit me where it hurts.
Below my chest just close 
to my navel.
The pain is nice.
The feel is great.
Don't you just love as 
your sweat drops.
And the sweet smile of 
Satisfaction you give
beyond those frowns.
Your fists descend down 
some more.
And your hits counts.
And here i laid.
Forever to remember this 
Endless tears mixed with 
I will learn to forgive.
I will learn to adapt to 
Forever at the mercy of 
your words and fists.
Forever loving the pain**
violet words.
Endless tears.
Unending pain.
Forever dead.
Yet your hits counts