You Resides In My Loneliness

Written by: Amit Valmiki

Wow! Really its feeling nice to me,
Standing on the same spot where we met for the first time.
I know that you are not here this time with me,
But still those memories of past make me to feel you around.

Looking carefully on this road,
It appears like you are coming.
Breathing with the haze over here,
Hopefully this passed touching you.

Sitting on the same concrete bench,
Where we used to sit sometimes.
Where you usually used to bent your head on my shoulders.
Where we used to talk for while
Where we used to stare in eachothers eyes.
Remembering the moment passed here,
People assuming me alone,
As they can see only me,
But I am not here alone,
I am here with my loneliness
and you resides even in it.
But really don’t know how to tell them,
That you are with me….
In my hopes,
In my memories,
In my thoughts,
In my actions,
In my emotions, 
In my sentiments, 
And, even in this tear rolling down the eyes….