Distant Shores are Calling

Written by: Matthew Anish

Light pours down 
  on mallorn trees
The eyes of the elves
peer out in the woods
Their home is Lothlorien 
Their royalty Celeborn and Galadriel
Yet sadness overcomes them 
Since they realize they must 
leave their beloved home
  Distant shores are calling
The Elven - folk's time in 
        Middle - Earth 
is coming to an end
    Ships await them in the harbor
They are called to travel 
to Western shores beyond 
the rolling waves 
The age of Men is coming
  Many fair things will disappear 
As mortals stride upon the lands
  once meant for immortal elves 
Distant Shores are calling 
For elves a thousand years is a brief moment 
For men a thousand years means the rise and fall 
of entire civilizations 
Yet in Middle-Earth 
the brief lives of men 
will be the sign posts 
by which the land is ruled 
There is a power which causes change
Even for immortal beings, change 
is an ever present companion 
Distant shores are calling
(first published in Beyond Bree August 2012)