love is friendship on fire

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

Clean up closets,
pick up your thoughts,
straiten up them in order,
first come,
first served.
Take a break from love,
open up your mind,
stay true to yourself,
stay firm on the ground,
stop dreaming about life,
take control of it,
take a chance,
say no once in a while,
yes, open wide those sleepy eyes,
be honest to yourself,
not avoid those who you care off,
take friendship to the next level,
think about love as a foolish game,
play as a professional,
don't fall behind ,
take control in own hands,
be proud of what you've done,
make plans for future
with out planing at all,
not to get swept  by sweet talk,
listen the rain falling on the roof,
be open for chances,
new adventures as they come
don't fall behind the game
be ready for defense,
as you play offense,
love is friendship on the fire,
it burns off if you just dream,
be ready,'re gone,

Love is friendship on fire 
or just foolish game,