Best Color of Your Love

Written by: Leonora Galinta

Paint your mood in a shade of blue,
Paint your soul in the presence of the Lord;
Paint your mind in sweetest  thoughts,
Think of those people who need you most.

Draw your arms open, as they reach out,
As they help others, erase all doubts;
Sketch a lip, smiling with great happiness,
Giving love and care without regret.

Trace a hand to wipe away the tears,
A glowing look in your eyes to calm one’s fear;
A silhouette of dark overwhelmed by light,
Giving hope and peace on one’s  life.

Use a brush so light and so fine,
To paint a sun to warm one’s heart;
Showing that God’s love is the greatest,
A love ‘till end of the world never cease.

Aug. 19,2012

Inspired by Celine D.'s lyrics in Best Color of Your Love for the Copy cat contest