Written by: femi joey oloidi

Go through the capital letters, I used it to form the summary of this cute poem:
ROSE AROSE CLOSE and DOSSED off all my arrogant POESING problems, in WHOLES.

Her name is ROSE,
Her roles were;
to come and make up, take up and bake up all my sophisticate problems 

She didn't come to break and rake my heart away

She AROSE to love and solve the swelling problems which dwells deep down in the belly holes of my heart 

With CLOSE tears and fears,
she searched and reached deep down below the belly well of my heart
and boldly sank my problems, typically outside the belly well of my heart

This DOSSED off my arrogant problems, 
and made it ignorantly powerless to touch its toes

In a POSEING mood, 
I happily watch it sweat dramatically as it tries to touch its toes 

I purely call it;
serving the medicated love of my heart

This has made the blank pages of my heart, filled with integrated brand new colourful laughter
which reveals the true colourful dose of what my heart is really made of 

Which are NutriLove+VataLove

This poem is dedicated to my lovely friend, LINDA the Poet ~Destroyer. Thanks for your admiration.