Missing A Student

Written by: Aziz M.Tehrani

Missing a student

By: Azizollah M. Tehrani (Mashhad,Iran)

My daer student,come to  the class.
If you don't,I am sure you will not pass!

You know how I miss your company
Come to the class and don't pay any money!

You know this is a pure fact,
For a long time we have had no contact.

To enhance the power of my teaching,
 Please arrange for the next meeting.

I said" speak and I will correct your err,"
What a cute student you were!

Some of your words were not so clear,
Cause I feel heaviness in one ear!

I, very much ,now,long to see,
The innocent,serious face of thee.

I have nothing,now ,to declare,
Save in your absence I am not fair!

You know these are my words at last
"Please hurry,please hurry,come fast!"

Your teacher: Aziz M. Tehrani. ( Mashhad).