no one like her

Written by: louis rams


There is no one like her- her fires burn deep inside
And her feelings she tries to hide.
But I -  I know her oh so well
And about her love I can tell.

Like an Arabian woman who hides
Her body and face
But her eyes carry you to a different place.

Her eyes are like whirl pools which
Take a hold of you and doesn’t let go
Till you reach the depths of her soul.

She puts you on a journey that you’ve never been
And in her heart you just can’t win.
She is covered from head to toe
And with that veil you’ll never know
What she holds in store for you
Until she allows you to follow thru.

Now that I have been allowed to see this sight
I’ve fallen in love with all my might
She showed herself in all her glory
And this is the end of my story.