Beware the Beast

Written by: Johnette Loefgren

       Substituting for you?
Is that what I'm supposed to do?
   I woke to find myself alone
       inside this shell,
     this rancid home.

       Am I supposed 
to play the part....
         A monster 
with a broken heart?
Where has your lover up and gone?
Is that why I am so alone?

  This mirrored face,
this mirrored form,
so far removed now from the norm,
This jagged soul feels no remorse
I cannot keep this beastly course.

  Madness whispers in my ear,
come back! ,come home!
or else I fear,
These jaws of death must surely seek
an innocent so mild and meek,

      there is a force
 within these bones
    driving,driving ,hear them moan?
         or is that me ?
         I cannot  tell,
the blood,the bones,the rancid smell,

    I feel the merging of my will,
        the beast will out!
          I feel the thrill,

the moon is rising up my spine,
      beware the beast............

     the night is mine!