Exploring One Love

Written by: Aleasha Martin

Lay me down on the bed
And tease me til I’m fed
Til I can’t take it anymore
And I’m ready to soar
Cause its one love to explore
Not like any other
We’re originique lovers…
Put me in a figure eight
So I can’t escape…
Like fish bait on a hook
I’m about to get ate
Then take a dive in my ocean
And feel the waves penetrate…
That’s not all cause there’s so much more
And it’s one love to explore…
Hands on the wall
Make my body crawl…
 more than it seems
Like havin’ a dream
Can’t figure out what it means
Doin’ things we’ve never done before
Still It’s one love to explore
I missed the plane leaving out
Goodbye was kind of different
Not sure to ever see it again
The connection just couldn’t explain it
8 months, still count…
Curiosity lives beneath and knocking at the door
Like an angel encountered an angel before…
Guess it’s just one love to explore

By: Aleasha A. Martin