Bedouin: Desert Transient

Written by: Stephen Parker

Freelance wanderer carefully navigating the vast expanse
Shadow warrior doth stealthily advance without 
With bartered lance, pawned knife; abridged parlance
Shuffling in tantric harmony o'er unforgiving terrain; 
nuanced eccentric
Camel cavalcade, entrancing spectacle across glistening 
sands prancing
Shrouded by the frantic wind; each, cloaked itinerant a 
tenured mantic
Trading the rationed provenance of open spaces for 
gratuitous providence of flowering oases
Prudently forming each tribal alliance; deviously skirting 
terms of compliance
Hearth covering from servile herd exacted; animistic 
seams redacted
Burdened traveler in psychosomatic trance; by warming 
flame, pyromantic
Each tenement provisioned by industrious wives; lofty 
Hospitality granted to imploring drifters; enmity shown 
to extorting grifters