Written by: wow itme

i love you,and you know it too,
but then i see the things you do,
and i wonder is it really true?
to see you fall and not get up,
tears me apart but i don't get upset,

i wonder to myself why dont i care,
is it because youve hurt me 
or because you thought it wasnt fair,
i watch you cry and see you bleed,
it hurts me to see the devils need,

you are lost and cannot look,
but are trapped and scared,
of what might happen 
if the devil is in there,
you finally look and are shocked to see
the devil has taken you and you are never free

you realize this has to change,
while i sit and watch you suffer,
and i find it not very strange,
that i too have come to see,
that I am too no longer free,

the devils hold is way too strong,
to fight alone would be a waste,
i need you to come along,
to fight for freedom,
for you and me.