Written by: jeff eklund

As though there existed some thin gossamer veil
Drifting down from an unheavenly trail
First just a twinge ,a touch or a feel
A feeling of loneliness one cannot conceal

Leaving one melancholy, broken and frail
Piercing ones heart like an old rusty nail
Senses of unhappiness dost hang like a cloud
Chokes out this victim in depressing dark shroud

Sadness and angst attack easy prey
All signs of joy slowly slipping away
Beauty and happiness also recede 
As depression takes hold begins to impede

All hope seems now to be fading away 
Soon thought turn to acts sane people ne’re stray
Thoughts of escape, of end of release
Pondering how to make the pain cease

Oh why does this fog devour my soul
Why does this aching take such a toll
Affliction still lingers well after my prayers 
Pain like strangers heart-piercing stares

Pure agony paralyzes my very soul
Then near paroxysm out of control

… alas as I plead  my pain doth descend 

*Dedicated to all who suffer