I Have Been More Than Once, Never More Or Less Than Me -

Written by: Justin Bordner

Bricks from blood, bricks from the flood of Earth's mud,
bricks of clay, turf bricks, stone bricks, flesh bricks,
all shaped, treated and wrought in the furnace of Will,

texture of brick varies by material & method like animal behavior
projected to achieve certain results,
sometimes bricks are smooth or polished
or rough & pocked,
I have cracked bricks, large and small ones, 
red & brown, white, black & beige ones,
some keep strong for eons,
some flake or crumble from weathering or ineptitude
some bricks I replace, some I repair or salvage
as birds reconstruct nests
ravaged by the tumult of atmosphere,

these bricks have personality, vitality, loyalty,
my bricks do not always withstand Life's bombardments
but they do serve their purposes,
I will survive where Jerhico, Constantinople, Berlin & Hiroshima ashed,
hut & hovel I have been,
pyramid & palace too,
a bakery, butcher's shop, and Baron's bastion,
a bunker and a boarding school,
always it is me,
a shelter of creativity -