smelling the flowers

Written by: louis rams


Always looking at the clock, wondering about the hour
Never stopping to smell the flowers.
There was a time that life was at a slower pace
Now it seems we’re always in a race.

The one thing that I know is that we don’t
Spend enough time to watch our children grow.

I saw my marriage failing because I was
Too busy running around ,as she looked at me
Without making a sound.
You can keep quite to a certain point in life
then she explodes , and it’s not very nice.

The closeness that you knew seems to be
Fading away -and with you she doesn’t want to stay
That is when you realize that your fires have to be rekindled
No ashes will you see - for this love will not be a faded love
In the books of history.

We then reaffirmed it in our minds
That this love would last for a very long time
And when our bodies became entwined
It was like sharing a bottle of wine.

We savored the juices as they flowed
For we had become connoisseurs
this much we know.

I started to smell the flowers as I did
In my younger years, as for losing my wife
I no longer have that fear.