Written by: Joya Wortham

How can anyone save a soul like mine? Like a filthy crooked strong that's been pulled on, but could never create a straight line. How could my soul who've done more wrong than right get a second chance? Could I possibly be forgiven? Could I, of all people, walk with God hand in hand? Could this be the true love that I have been looking for all along? Could this really become a wonderful new beginning from a depressing old song? Putting away the old and replacing it with a new? A soul like mine that longs for you Jesus, a soul that wants to stay true! I no longer want what I used to have, I know now that I deserve better. I'm pouring out my heart to you Father, here take my this heart-felt letter. I take you into my life from now and forever more. I am filled with the blood of Jesus, it's in my DNA, He is my core.