We Still Laugh About It Today

Written by: Tim Ryerson

When she walked she had a way of swaying her hips
Red-haired and freckled with Carly Simon lips
Hormones raging at twelve and she was fourteen
To this boy she looked like a magazine queen
"Why you gotta-go?" she pouts, "What's the big rush?"
Have you ever kissed a girl?" she asked with a blush
'Sh-sh-sure I've kissed girls, a whole bunch!', I lied
"My mama's still home so we better go hide"

Guiding sweaty hands to a hot laundry room
(Faint scent of hairspray, a wisp of perfume)
She reached out soft fingers and tickled my cheeks
Candy lipstick I tasted; she whispered "You're sweet"

...This sonnet concludes with an ironic twister
I got my first kiss from my future step-sister