Written by: Francois Havenga

When seconds turn to minutes, it feels like hours to me.
As the last day approaches before I can see you.

I waited so long for this moment. Almost forever.
And here I am waiting to see your face.

For the love I have for you boils and waits to be released.
Released by the touch of your loving arms.

If you ever wanted to know what u mean to me,
You should feel it when I hold you close,
I feel it when we kiss,
I feel it when we are together.

For you mean more to me than the air in my lungs,
More than the wind to a sail,
For you keep me alive and moving forward
For you, I am thankful to be in my life

When I just sit here and think of you
I am already filled. I can live
I can move, I can breathe
But only
Only to be with you.