An Early Summer Night at the Shore

Written by: Robert Pettit

It was just another night in the first week of June, hazy, humid and steeped in the light of a full moon. I was off from work with really nothing much to do. What a sad and lonely situation to go through! The heat and the humidity were very stifling. It is hard to sleep without some air conditioning. There wasn’t much to see on the television set; reruns and a movie starring Frankie and Annette. At two in the morning, there was quiet in the town. With almost everyone asleep and the bars closed down. Then I thought I’d take a walk and go down to the beach; It was only four blocks away, well within my reach. I put on my leather sandals and walked down the street. I hoped to feel a little cooler in the dark heat. The beach looked typical for an early summer night. Everything was there making it a tourist delight. The laughing of seagulls as they were taking their flight, scattered seashells all around reflecting lunar light. The harmony of crashing waves, all was very right! I paced toward the water with my sandals in hand. I felt the foam caress my feet as it soaked the sand.