Give Me

Written by: Doreen Wright

Echoes and vacancies 
Where you used to be,
Is a reality,
I refuse to face.
Instead give me your face,
Look into my eyes,
Allow me to touch your nose
With mine and
Simply, not ever let you go.
I want to inhale you
And exhale me and
Become one over and
Over and over again,
Fully clothed,
Naked souls and
Until mathematics beholds
The theory of two being
Synonymous with one.
Give it to me.
Give me your past and
Your fears and your last
And your tears 
So I can hold it up to the light, 
Examine it and reignite
That part of you
That sings good night
With a smile on your face,
Just because you know
Your place
Is absolutely beside me.
Give me all of you.
We deserve it.