Written by: delysia hendricks

Our Sid felt well-jaded 
his sweat, it cascaded 
he feared the end was well-nigh 
his head was a-pounding 
a hush ultra-sounding 
he all but stared death in the eye 

Steadily declining 
whinging and whining 
to the good wife, who had a short thread 
she saw a good chance 
eyed him askance 
said: I'll book you a hospital bed 

Afore rushed to hospital 
sweated and spittled 
he eyed her boobies in double-D vision 
for sure he'd have flown 
had he but known 
he'd been booked for a quick circumcision 

Foreshortened but sharper 
wooed by nurse Harper 
he contemplated suing for cash 
with his wired-up jaw 
he sipped through a straw 
animal innards and veg pulped to mash 

Nurse Harper, aflame 
with nary no shame 
tended his uncalled-for member renewal 
she was drooling and crooning 
and dream'ly swooning 
admirin' his family jewel 

In her somewhat dazed state 
her aim was not straight 
she inadvertently turned on the gas 
his urge was to flee 
of his wires wrenched free 
maneuvered escape from the lass 

From two storeys high 
(a short distance to fly) 
which in retrospect is soundly insane 
he took a long jump 
balls-down with a thump 
now his crotch is perm'nently sprained 


For Joann's copycat's contest.  Initially written by Sid, our mad poet.  I copied the poem to my hard drive but somehow the title got lost.  Maybe he can help us out with the title he used then.  Sid, you're the bomb, me man!!!