Sparkling Kisses

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

Trying my best to concentrate on what is being said
For thoughts of him kissing me are swirling in my head
An electric current connecting us refuses to be ignored
The passion igniting between us demands to be explored
His eyes lock on mine and I know he feels the same
He leans forward with the intention of my lips to claim
Soft lips sweetly entice, leaving me feeling light headed
Throaty groans escape as we further become embedded
He catches my bottom lip and gives it a gentle suck 
Flooded with desire my senses suddenly run amok
Heart rates accelerating, leaving us breathless and burning
The taste for each other now a unquenchable yearning
His tongue intertwines with mine, the jolt takes us by surprise
This is a rare occurrence, my subconscious blissfully sighs
Filled with sweet sensations, sparkling inside and out
Totally entranced, his kisses I never want to be without.

By Cecilia Macfarlane,  August 16, 2012
for PDs Kissing Game Contest