A Dad's Answer to a Broken Heart

Written by: jeff eklund

If I could do one thing for you
I tell you what I would do
I would harness the stars and maybe Mars
And deliver them to you
I would take moon glow and produce a show
The world would not soon forget
Then I would pack it up in a China cup
And serve it to you alone
You see one of the charms
Is to throw my arms
Tightly around my girl and dance with her
Cause quite a stir and leave no doubt how I feel
The world can be cruel but
Remember this little rule and keep it in your heart
I'm your dad and when you are sad
is when my love will start
To grow even more than it was before.
I don't know how but I know it now
You can always count on me
So rest assured you are not ignored
I love you with all my heart