My Plate is Full

Written by: John Streeter

  I can only speake for myself now, so if it don't apply [to you] let it fly.
Though I'm not the only one, facing tribulation. So why want I cry....{???}..(Caused)
crying not for me and I don't know WHY-Yall !!...For it seem I've run out of
tear's, it's no obligation left in me.
  "I don't know why - I think its because of so much Pride,"  (and) I don't know
why..!  "But My Plate is Full-and I think its because of so much Pride."  
So I toss and turn-O'Yes I did, but still.....Lord, why...bring all [of] these burdens on
Me. "Yes I did ask." "I knew I had Man-Up to the task. " (task of obesence) but
still I was not afraid to____ASK(?)..  There are storm's troubeling me, day after
day-Yall, yes day after day, just how much is enough ? I can only speak for my-
self. But it seem like, I've gained them all on my oww-nne'dd..!!!  (sadly) its just
the way it seem. Buut-bu-utt still my conscience has dreams...??? (Now) now...I
did cry..why..I think something happen that just erasted my Pride..{!!!}
"My Plate is Full..(O'Yeah)..realising it..first I had put away the Bull.." Secondly...I
must humble myself {cause} that/is what brings acceptence...(then) the..Bull-lll
may it blinds me from myself..My{dignity} no more. "Upon the steps..(walking) of
the eastern shores.."  "My Plate Is Full"