Our Hope In Christ

Written by: Curtis Moorman


As we journey on this earth
Let us not forget the Birth
Of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
Who not only came once, but is coming twice

He came from glory, born as a babe
Of lowly birth, in a manger laid
His life was perfect and of sin He was free
He gave His life for you and me

This Man called Christ died on the cross
Which seemed to many to be a loss
But on the third day, He arose
In mighty triumph o'er His foes

He ascended into Heaven on God's right hand
And will sit in judgment of sinful man
But to we who trust Him, He will say
Well done faithful servant on that day

So in your journey, don't despair
For one day you'll meet Him in the air
On this earth, never more to roam
And make Heaven your eternal home

	Curtis Moorman
	16 August 2012

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