Upon Hearing Thy Words

Written by: Debra Squyres

Thy poetic words, so sincerely written,
drip like honey into the heart and mind...
less an eye or ear be hardened to its speech.

When thus we hearken unto these words,
the weighing of past deeds blend their voice
often engulfing the soul---though go unspoken.

In search we are for that kindred one,
in word and deed thusly, despairing contentment
amidst the cold, confused and broken.

Though wretched man and woman’s deeds
often hinder, when mixed and mingled
with the present. They oftentimes give
birth to a more harmonious being……these lessons bought unwisely.

Go now, before the blossoms close their ears
and night lowers its shades from
mankind’s somewhat eager gaze.

Speak forth the words that cling within.
Let no more thy thoughts be cloaked.
Tear out the bramble from the nest of doubt
and raise your head to the giving force….
releasing all fear to the knowing source