Looking for love

Written by: chamonique knowles

I just want to love
I want to give my heart to 
And trust that they will keep it 
I want to take that risk
I want to feel the rush of 
wanting to be with no one else 
but that one person for the rest of my life
I imagine it being like jumping off a cliff
attached to nothing but a bungee cord 
anchoring you to land
You know there's a dangerĀ 
You know you might not come out of it
But the scars will be worth it 
because for those two seconds 
you are in the air
You feel a blissful freeing joy as 
adrenaline pulses through your 
blood stream awakening your 
senses and opening yourself up 
to an experience never felt before
I don't know if that's what love feels like
Because I have never loved nor 
have I ever bungee jumped
But that's how I imagine it would feel likeĀ 
I want to take that jump
But no ones there to take the 
leap with me
I'm standing on 
the edge
heart in my hands
But all alone