Herods Debt

Written by: carrington marshall

Herod’s Debt

Ive marked ye, clown!
out of tha pack.
Took the solitary road
be bold I whispered.....
“Would not a score of weasels,
beg a rotten tooth, from ya gape?”
So, Herod ye stand watching  always the sharpening of a sword.
That cut, severed the Baptist`s head.
But afore all that luscious gore ta business!
Herod ye owe me, don’t dare deny
mine taste fer vengence .                                                          
Oh! em holy inocents,
remember ....   aye  take yer time,
when  ya  hurly  burly  soldiers  slew, all  em  first  born sons of  tha  Jew.
Oh!  ear em  mothers  wail
I paid  fer  that in banishment.
So through the darkness doust I crawl
now Herod hear, the knocking at  tha door.
Did I not give unto ye Herodias ya  brothers  wife?
Wasn’t she tha bitter queen, and  played  tha  part of tha  joker’s  tart. 
Whose daughter Salome,  danced danced entranced ye.
So arrives on silver platter, mine prize mine desire.
Tha prophet`s head
none more richly honoured such as you
who imprisoned, tortured murdered  tha  Jew.
But now  oh`   Herod, ta  tha  counting  room.
In heavenly chains wilt drag.
Remember remember  thine debt  ta me !
fer,  ta parley, dabble, bibble , babble with a devil.
unto tha  abyss  I  cast  ye.  Begone!......