Merchant Ship

Written by: Terry O'Leary

A Swallow swoops for flitting flies
While Johnny rubs two sleepy eyes,
(As morning rapes the rising sun)
Observing Captain’s course begun:
Slow streams emerge from melting snows -
The Merchant Ship’s in stark repose...

A Vulture fleeces fields far-flung
While Johnny tames a tumid tongue
(Beneath a bleeding sun above)
As Captain counts the dead with love:
For, while the silent waters pose,
The Merchant Ship just sits and grows...

A Serpent weaves amongst the weeds
As Johnny dares audacious deeds
(When evening drains the dying day)
To stop the Captain, come what may:
And while the raging rivers grow
The Merchant Ship rocks to and fro...

An Owl, a’ branch, has teacup eyes,
That glimmer dark as Johnny dies
(Within the screaming sky-like tomb)
While casting Captain to his doom:
Within titanic undertow
The Merchant Ship is sucked below...

A fledgling Bird sprays morning dew
As Johnny Junior’s born anew
(He’s baptised in the dawn ablaze)
To rectify the former days: 
And streams emerge from melting snow
As virgin rivers start to flow...